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I've been with Limitless Credit Consulting for less than 90 days and most of my negative accounts were wiped out and my score jumped 30 points! BEST DECISION I've MADE IN 2020. I'm excited to see how far Ashante can take me on my credit repair journey!


She has been working on my credit for less than a month and has managed to get 2 major accounts removed from my credit. She is AMAZING!!!

Kenyetta L.

December of 2020 I started out with my score being in the poor category which is in the 500's and now a month later I'm in good standing. I'm in the 700's club. She's patient with me. She's very professional and passionate about her business.

J&B Natural Products

Professional, responsive and very transparent! Thank you for helping me.


She’s the bomb! Took me from fair credit to excellent! I’m in the 700 club. Always kept me updated on what was going on! Keep up the good work


Consumer Credit Consultation

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